What clients are saying about Endure Running training….

I highly recommend Sarah as a running coach.  She trained me for my first marathon in 2012 and helped me exceed my running goals.  She helped to define and figure out an aggressive goal based on my experience and abilities for shorter races at the time.  She designed a custom weekly running plan with daily mileage and running paces for each run. She also taught me many tips and insights based on her years of education and years of running experience and what to expect during races and how to deal with periods of rough patches you may encounter during a race.  I still follow her plan and adjust my paces as I improved over the years and was able to qualify and run the Boston marathon in recent years. I am certain if you choose Sarah she will help you reach your running goals for any distance race from 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathons!

-Rudy C.

After running several marathons on my own and never hitting my goal time, I decided to seek out extra help in order to reach my goals. Sarah designed weekly workouts specifically for me with distances and paces that constantly challenged me.  The training forced me to go outside my comfort zone. Sarah would tell me to trust in the training, so when I finally did, I started to see the results I was hoping for. Through the workouts, I was able to run paces that I would never have I attempted on my own.  When race day finally arrived, I never felt so prepared for a race like I did that morning. Sarah helped me come up with a plan for race day and I stuck to it. To my surprise, I was not only able to reach my long time goal, but beat that goal as well. Sarah gave me the confidence I needed to stretch my limits as a runner. I have recommended her to several of my friends and plan to consult her again for my next marathon.

– Brooke P.

I met Sarah back in Feb 2009. I was never a competitive runner, but after having my first baby I wanted to do more than just run a few  miles a day and decided I wanted to run a marathon.  I knew I would need a trainer to help me and found Sarah. I told her I never ran more than 5 miles in a day, but wanted to try a marathon and be under 4 hours.  After using her training plan and her running my runs with  her I ran my first Chicago Marathon 2009 and did a 3:47 marathon. With all of Sarah’s advice, knowledge of the sport and awesome training schedule I accomplished What I wanted!  I would definitely recommend Sarah to train for any distance as she has so much knowledge and passion for this sport and helping others achieve their goals!

-Kim S.

Being a more “advanced” runner and racer, I contacted Sarah with one big goal: to qualify for the NYC marathon by time-qualifying with a half marathon. I had run many half marathons and also 3 marathons, including Boston 2017. But this time around, I needed to work on my speed, but more importantly, my racing confidence.

We met in person and discussed my goals, previous PRs, running preferences, nutrition – everything that summed up myself as a competitive runner. We agreed that a 15 week training plan would be best to help prepare me for the Indianapolis Half Marathon.

The training plan and workouts were tough; they definitely pushed me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Was this really worth it? Sarah was always there to remind me to “trust in the training”. Most days went well or exceeded my expectations, but there were some bad days too. Again, Sarah was there to reassure me that I am stronger than I think, and to continue to “trust the training”.  The training built up mileage, and incorporated speed, interval and tempo days, ending with a long run and easy run for the week. A short taper week prepared me for race day, where we agreed that consistency would be key.

With perfect (39 degree) running conditions, I was able to “trust in the training” to run a 1:30.02 – a 3 min, 27 second lifetime PR and time qualification for NYC! I could not have done it without Sarah and her well thought, consistent, training plan personalized just for me.

-Britney K.
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