Racing fears…

How do you overcome your pre-racing anxiety? Are you one to have anxiety over you’re up coming race? Well it is a real thing that will keep runners back from competing at their best. Sure, it is good to be nervous or excited…but anxiety is another thing.

Having anxiety leading up to your race will actually affect your racing that day. Anxiety will zap your energy and pre-fatigue your muscles.

So what do you do to overcome this anxiety? Here are a few I have found to be helpful:

  1. Trust your training. If you truly put in the work then it should all come together.
  2. Train in all conditions. If you worry about what the weather conditions will be like then train in all types so then on race day it won’t matter because you have trained in the rain, cold, hot weather. If you prepare for the worst then it won’t seem so bad if your presented with not so ideal weather conditions. As we all know we can’t control Mother Nature.
  3. Practice practice practice. If you worry about what to wear on race day then do your practice runs in what you want to race in. In addition, for marathoning practice with your supplements make sure they agree with your stomach. DO NOT try anything new on race day!
  4. Focus on your own SUCCESS. Instead of worrying about IF I will stay on pace or IF a friend will run faster than you …think positively about your own success. Running is an independent sport you control your own destiny.
  5. Lastly, my favorite racing tip is to visualize. Visualize that you are owning the course and you are calm, cool and collective. ( I use the 3 C’s every time I race).

It is ok to have some anticipation when racing…just remember not to over think and put some trust in your training. 👍🏼

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