New Year new goals…

What are your goals going to be for the New Year? Is it to run your first marathon or maybe it is to improve on your current fitness level?

By setting goals it helps you choose where you want to be in your fitness. Whatever goal you have set in mind make sure you are writing it down and allow yourself enough time to achieve that goal. By writing down your goals it keep you accountable and you can see your improvements which will keep you motivated throughout your journey.

I see people miss their goals due to many reasons such as…not having enough time to either train or allow enough weeks to prepare, finding the motivation to stick to a plan and also lacking the knowledge of how to properly train.

What can a personal running coach do for you?

A coach can help you:

  • Access your goals and make you an individual plan that is unique to you.
  • Keep you accountable
  • Give advice and help with race strategy
  • Build confidence and mentoring
  • Take the anxiety out of the training/racing

Being successful in achieving your goals can be challenging, but by having a coach to lead you towards that goal it will raise your self confidence and will keep you motivated to tackle your goal. A coach will give you ongoing support and will guide you to success.

“Don’t DREAM of Winning , TRAIN for it!!” -Mo Farah

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