Pea protein…

What source of protein are you using for your post workout recovery?

Did you know pea protein is one of the most purest proteins? The plant based protein is not only better for your heart being cholesterol free but it is also loaded with rich amino acids. The amino acids in which helps to build and repair our muscles after those tough workouts.

Another positive for many people is that it’s dairy free which is much easier to digest and high in fiber.

I am a huge believer in recovery as you know…so I thought I would share my favorite post-workout recovery drink:

Orgain is my favorite plant based protein…it’s so good even my kids enjoy it.

Try this quick and easy to make smoothie…

🌱 1-scoop of Orgain

🌱 1 cup almond milk

🌱 1/2 cup of mixed frozen berries

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