What is your excuse today for not running? We all have been there before where we find ourselves making excuses for not working on our fitness.

There is no excuse for not taking at least 30 minutes out of your day to workout. Whatever it may be running, biking, swimming, strength training, etc.

Make yourself accountable..keep a schedule write down what you do. And on the flip side the days you opt to skip your workout write down WHY? Was it…

  • I was to tired
  • I worked late
  • I was sick
  • I had to attend to my kids
  • I was hungry
  • It was to cold/hot outside

Be honest with yourself…when you write it down and see it I bet you that you will STOP making those excuses for yourself.

To the above excuses here are my answers for you…

  • I was to tired (run in the morning or lunch break)
  • I had to work late( again get it done run in the morning)
  • I was sick (how sick? Maybe sit this one out and see your Dr)
  • I had to attend to my kids( do so but then jump on the tread when you put them to bed)
  • I was hungry ( eat a light snack…run…then eat dinner)
  • It was cold/or hot outside ( well that is what treadmills are for…if you dread it then run early to beat the heat or bundle up and brave the cold)

“Part of the good feeling after working out is not having to feel guilty for not working out”

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