Racing strategies…

Racing strategy for each person varies…it depends on what distance you are training for, your experience and your fitness level.

Here are 3 good racing strategies I use:

  1. Even-split strategy– this strategy is good for the novice marathon runner. Someone running 26.2 miles definitely wants to go out with a goal pace in mind and stick to it to the finish. If you go out to fast…you will hit the wall faster than you know it. Even-split strategy teaches the body to adapt to time on your feet from start to finish.
  2. Go out “FAST” strategy– this strategy is great for the competitive 5k or less runner. You might have heard that phrase “hold on for dear life” well that’s exactly the strategy here…go out hard and let your competition carry you to your new PR.
  3. Negative-split strategy– this strategy is ideal for 1/2 marathon and the experienced marathoner. Go out with conservative goal pace and then 1/2 way through the race start to pick it up. A well trained runner who has experience in doing speed and tempo’s are able to adapt to this race strategy.

Ask yourself… which strategy will compliment your next race? A well planned racing strategy will result in confidence on race day. Trust your training.

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