Setting tangible goals…

Start by writing down your goals. When you actually see it on paper it helps you start to believe that it can happen. If a goal is in your head it can be easily forgotten or changed.

When you write it down put the goal up somewhere you can see it everyday…like your bedroom mirror or refrigerator.

When setting your goals be sure to:

  • Set a time frame like run a marathon in 18 weeks.
  • Set a realistic overall goal (be specific) like qualify for the Boston Marathon.
  • Set a few performance goals to achieve a major goal like run a 5k, 10k or half marathon with the 18 weeks of training.
  • Set what I like to call process goals (how am I going to get to major goal?) like tempo runs, increase my mileage.

Setting realistic goals can be challenging…be sure to think about what your capabilities are and how you will be successful in achieving your ultimate goal.

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