One of my favorite most effective works a runner can do in my opinion is the “tempo” run.

Those of you new to tempo running it is a run that is ran 25-30 seconds slower than your 5k pace.

No matter what you are training for a tempo run will get you running faster for a longer period of time. It’s an easy workout to do alone or with a buddy.

In marathon training tempo runs should be incorporated in your weekly schedule…the tempo run will also prepare your muscles to adapt to speed training later.

Tempo runs should be built up in mileage and done slowly so you don’t get injured. I suggest no more than 3-10 miles for tempo runs depending on the race distance.

  • 5K (3-4 miles)
  • 10K (3-6 miles)
  • 1/2 marathon (4-8 miles)
  • Full marathon (4-10 miles)

Keep track of these runs weekly and see how you improve…it’s a huge confidence booster. 🙌🏼

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