Recovery and how it relates to threshold…

There are many benefits to proper recovery. If you don’t recover from a hard run your body won’t know how to heal.

I suggest never running a back to back hard workout because you are not giving your muscles time to rebuild after that hard run. Hard runs include any speed training.

Lactic acidosis is a build up of lactic acid in the muscles. It’s a normal breakdown of tissues that often happens after those hard intense workouts. We call it that “good sore” feeling you get the next day.

So what should you do the next day in order to recover? I suggest easy recovery run, stretch and a foam roll. The bodies tissues will rebuild and be ready to run the next hard run. Another thing to remember is to not forget about hydration. Again, lactic acid is a breakdown of glucose in the tissues so recover with plenty of fluids to flush acid out.

What is lactic threshold? Lactic threshold is running your fastest pace without using more lactic acid that your body can use and reconvert back to energy.

Running threshold runs like tempo’s are a great way to improve upon your lactic threshold. Tempo runs are crucial to distance runners because it improves your overall pace through distance your ability to recover quicker after those intense speed workouts.

Therefore marathon runners will start their training running with more tempo runs before they even start their speed training. The reasoning for is they will have a better threshold when it comes time to implement the speed training. Their muscles will be able to withstand more without fatigue and building lactic acid.

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