Is your running in a rut…

Are you feeling your running is at a stand still? No matter what you do you are not getting any faster…

Well you actually can change that by challenging yourself in different ways. Your body is a machine that is in training…so you have to train it to move faster but in a more efficient way.

How do you do that exactly? Well you have to challenge your body. You can not run the same speed and distance everyday or else the body just continues to stay that same pace and at that same distance. In the end it leaves you bored. People who hate running usually are people who do not challenge their running. They never take it to the next level….so it becomes more of dreading experience. You will not see improvements if you do not incorporate these below.

Here are some simple ways to increase speed and endurance:

  • Get on a track often…time your self and write down your splits. See how you improve over time.
  • Run some races…5K’s will get you faster.
  • Run some tempo’s with music…running with music will help you turn your legs over quicker and improve upon your cadence.
  • Drills and striders
  • Hill repeats…up hill improves endurance and down hill improve on speed. It is the perfect combo.
  • Run with a buddy…challenge each other and turn it into a race at the end.

Now that the weather is warming up…get outdoors. Get off the treadmill and enjoy the weather. Outdoor running is mentally more enjoyable. People who run outdoors are more likely to run faster and longer than treadmill runners. I wonder why they call it the “dread-mill”.

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