Runner’s high…

We have all heard this statement before…runner’s high is a term referred to as a “feel good” feeling a runner gets during or after a run. It is actually a release of the hormone in the brain known as endorphins.

Running can be such a great stress reliever…it allows our minds to turn off from reality and drift into a state of happiness.

If you think about your own running. At times you may not want to go for a run but as soon as you start running your state of mind changes right? You finish your run and your glad you did it. What happens the next few hours? You feel accomplished…maybe motivated? Well those are all the “happy hormones” talking to you.

Running is great because you can do it anywhere and at anytime.  You can run alone or even better run with friends.  Running brings people together because its conversational…its a great way to talk or vent to your best buds. I know myself some of my best friends I met through running.

People who run regularly are not only healthier for clear reasons but happier and tend to be more successful in their day to day life. Whether your a stay at home mom or a career person if you run you have won!

Stay running folks I promise you…you won’t regret it…not EVER!

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