Fartlek is Swedish for “speed play” and is a great workout to do to increase overall speed. This workout is great because it is easy to do anywhere. It is unstructured and can be fun to incorporate into your medium to long runs.

After warming up you can add what I call “on and off” burst of speed. Here is an example:

  • Warm up: 1-2 miles
  • Fartlek: 2 minutes “on” (fast)…2 minutes “off” (recover) covering 3 miles
  • Cool down: 1-2 miles

Overall the goal is to keep going with no stopping. The workout will teach the body to learn to switch gears in a race setting.

Fartlek’s are fun to do with a buddy and it can get competitive giving you the extra push. It also gives you the added bonus of building some speed/stamina from your run.

My fartlek buddy!

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