Mind over Matter…

You have heard this statement before…”running is more mental then physical“. Well, there is truth to this statement. The brain actually controls our limits to endurance performance rather than our bodies. In other words, our brain is there to keep us in check. No matter how hard you train the body…the mind can at any point take over positively or negatively.

Interesting right? Well, imagine your own running. Are you someone who over thinks before a tough workout or even the race? Do you think…OMG am I going to stick to my pace? Is the weather going to be ideal? Do I feel I trained hard/long enough?

If you can answer yes to these questions you might be someone who over thinks in a negative way. So how do you trick the mind to allow more from the body in a positive way? Our body will follow the mind…so think about a scenario like running to your favorite song. Well what happens…our minds get positively stimulated and it makes you run faster…maybe even longer. Another one is visualizing on something positive…one I use is my children. I think of them cheering for me.

Challenge and reward yourself…an example could be if I finish my mile repeats I can enjoy a coffee from Starbucks. LOL anyone who knows me knows I love my Starbucks.🌟

Running a marathon is very challenging…if it was easy everyone would be running it. In training for the marathon one needs to train the brain too. Anyone who has worked with me has heard me say “wait it out 5 minutes…regroup”. What that means is you may have a stretch of pain but the next 5 minutes you may change and get back on pace. That is where that mind over matter really comes from.

If you ever listened to a professional runner you will never hear them say anything negative. That is why they are so successful not only are they getting coached on the physical aspect of training but also the mental aspect of it too.

Always remember…if you put in the phycial training then there is no reason to doubt yourself on race day…

“Spend at least some of your training time, and other parts of your day, concentrating on what you are doing in training and visualizing your success.” -Grete Waitz

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