Maintenance mode…

Maintenance mode?

A runner can not train the entire year without burning out. I see this a lot where runners want to run back to back marathons to find out in the end they made no performance improvement.

So what is Maintenance Mode? Maintenance mode is shortening your runs or cutting back the number of days you run per week on your “off training” all while maintaining the paces.

A good example would be picking let’s say Chicago marathon in October. Your training would start June you run “in training” 18 weeks. After your marathon you go into “maintenance mode” so from November to January you decrease your overall mileage. Then from January to April pick it up again running a spring 1/2 sometime in April.

What is great about maintenance mode is you can do other things you enjoy which in the end helps you from going into physical and mental burnout.These activities also help to keep you strong and activate other muscle groups that are not used when just running.

Some great alternative activites are:

  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Weight-training/cross-fit
  • yoga


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