Cadence and why it is important in running…

So what exactly is cadence? Cadence is your stride rate. It is measured in strides per minute. So in other words, it is how often you hit the pavement in one minute. The goal stride rate is 180 BPM.

If a runner has a foot strike around 160, chances are that he or she is a heel striker and the leg is overextending. If we overextend it creates a braking motion, in many cases the runner will develop too much impact and can stress the knees. Running efficientcy is so important in long distance running.

If you can increase your own running cadence between 5-10% faster it will result in less shock to the knees. So how do I run 5-10% faster:

  • Run with music that has beats around 180 BPM…you will train your feet to move to the beat.
  • Hill training…helps you from overstriding. So find some hilly terrain.
  • Plyometric work will help to activate other muscle groups that will help in overall running gait.
  • Also doing quick striders…flat and hilly.

I am here to help…remember too in my earlier blogs I talked about proper foot wear. The feet are our foundation to running. If we are wearing the wrong shoes that will also throw off our gait.

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